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Friday, December 31, 2004

Gone Geocatching Dash Card

Most cachers know to take a way point of the position that they parked a vehicle so they can find their way back to it from the cache spot. However, what do you do in the event of an injury while seeking your treasure?

I've created a Gone Geocaching Dash Card for use when you've left a vehicle in search of a cache. The card serves a couple purposes:

1. Notifies authorities that you've not abandoned the vehicle and as such, should prevent you from coming back to one of those nasty yellow stickers on your window - or worse: finding your vehicle has been towed.

2. In the unfortunate event that you've had an accident and have not returned to the vehicle in a reasonable time period, the dash card includes information about the coordinates of the cache you're seeking and emergency contact information.

You can download the form here.

You'll have to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded from www.adobe.com.


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